Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

From our family to yours we here at “Southwest Event Design Co” wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We’re going to be closed for this week so that our families can be together for this wonderful holiday!!!! So eat, and be merry this Thanksgiving! If you are out in the chaos of “Black Friday” be safe, no cheaply priced item is worth being hurt, hurting someone or going to jail for! ~H.S
Happy Thanksgiving!

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As you can tell by my lack of posting things have been extremely busy at Southwest Event Design Co! Our life is completely busy with events we are hosting and events we are attending. With Halloween out of the way we are now focusing on Thanksgiving and Christmas over the next two months! Thanksgiving is a great time to reflex on the blessings that we have in our lives, we spend a lot of time with our families and friends. So as of right now we here at Southwest Event Design Co are heading out of town to Las Vegas to celebrate with family and friends while talking to potential clients! I hope that your holiday season is as wonderful as ours!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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Southwest Event Design Co is going to be very busy this month! We have a few major events coming up soon!!!! First off we have a meeting with the Armadillo Wax Works Company  then we have the “Stone Ridge Bridal Show” on OCT 15th, 2017 so we are in full Bridal Show mode right now getting our booth ready, our fliers, and our posters ready. I cannot wait for this event it is always so much fun to be apart of this show because its small and intimate. I like it because its not over stuffed and crazy like normal bridal shows. After we get done with the Bridal Show we have to get ready for a few private events, we have a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH the first weekend in November and we have our huge Black Friday Bash/Craft Fair (November 24th 2017) and then we have a HUGE CHRISTMAS PARTY the second weekend in December! We here at SWEDco like to stay busy… and so if you have any events you need help with please feel free to call Rosie at (702) 339-2852 or email us at www.Southwesteventdesigns.com!!!!

Thank you

~Heather Shores

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Hello Everyone!

For those of you who are reading our posts I would like to say that we are working double time on getting the website running more smoothly then it has over the last year. Our team here at SWEDco are doing their best to supply better content, Event info and support for anyone who is in need of an event in their future. Please stay tuned for new Events coming up!


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MAGIC 2017

So Southwest Event Design is really starting to take on a whole new life of its own now that we have gone to MAGIC in Las Vegas August 14-16! It was one the coolest experiences to say the least! We (Rosie & I) had an amazing time going to MAGIC this year thanks to our dear friends Kate, Sandra and Hazel from www.KateMesta.com!!!! They we’re showing their amazing products in Vegas this year at MAGIC so we were lucky enough to attend as their guests!!! We got to talk to a lot of the vendors who attended and meet Celebrity “James Kennedy” and his friends. We also got to meet “Laura Moreno” from Disney’s “Austin & Ally” she was super nice and performing!!!! Both of the celebrities were nice enough to sign autographs for our Dalaney. We have a lot going on since going to MAGIC because now we know what to expect for next year and where we need to be!!!! Kate Mesta, and Sandra have been amazing to us over the years. If you get a chance go check out Kate’s website and buy some of her product they are amazing! We love all her product! This expo took up 3 venues and the one we went to is 23,000 sqft…lets just say we were exhausted at the end of our day because we walked every bit of the expo! We took lots and lots of pictures, enjoy!

The big “MAGIC” sign you see in the first picture is the one you see as you are walking into the building! The next picture you see is one of my favorite pictures is a shot of a tiny itty bitty bit of Kate’s amazing jewelry!!!! We want it all!!!! And last but not least (L to R) Kate Mesta, James Kennedy and Sandra!!!! I love them!!! If you want to see more of James Kennedy watch the show “Vanderpump Rules” on TV!!!! These are just a few of the images that we took at MAGIC but let me tell you I can’t wait to go back next year!!!!!
(Heather & Rosie Shores)

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We at South West Event Design are super excited to be featuring our beloved leader Rosie Shores leather craft. She will be teaching leather working courses and workshops soon!!!! Please keep checking back we will post when and where the classes will be soon.




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Welcome To Southwest Event Design Co

Hello and welcome to Southwest Event Design Co,
Browse through our website and enjoy what you see. We are based in the United States and are willing and able to travel to where ever you need an event! Southwest Event Design consists of a Mother/Daughter duo, and are family based! We love to make our customers happy!

“Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect event is. We take your idea of a perfect event and make it become a reality. Our goal here at Southwest Event Design Company is to make your hearts desire come true.”

Please contact us by email @ Southwesteventdesign@gmail.com or give us a jingle at (702) 339-2852 {Rosie Shores} (702) 545-8661 {Heather Shores} We cant wait to hear from you all!

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