We at South West Event Design are super excited to be featuring our beloved leader Rosie Shores leather craft. She will be teaching leather working courses and workshops soon!!!! Please keep checking back we will post when and where the classes will be soon.




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Welcome To Southwest Event Design Co

Hello and welcome to Southwest Event Design Co,
Browse through our website and enjoy what you see. We are based in the United States and are willing and able to travel to where ever you need an event! Southwest Event Design consists of a Mother/Daughter duo, and are family based! We love to make our customers happy!

“Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect event is. We take your idea of a perfect event and make it become a reality. Our goal here at Southwest Event Design Company is to make your hearts desire come true.”

Please contact us by email @ Southwesteventdesign@gmail.com or give us a jingle at (702) 339-2852 {Rosie Shores} (702) 545-8661 {Heather Shores} We cant wait to hear from you all!

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